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Clean Trucks Can Reduce Driver Turnover

Service professional pressure washing large construction equipment.

If you own a truck fleet, then you know truck driver turn over is high. According to the American Truck Association, annualized turnover in the third quarter of 2013 was 97% (meaning 97% of truck drivers left their current employer for a new one) and that statistic is down two points from the quarter before it. You are always looking for experienced drivers and that your need will grow as the economy improves and more goods need transport.

As William B. Cassidy reports on,

“The cost of turnover for carriers is high. If the cost of hiring a driver averages $5,000, a company with 200 drivers and a 100 percent turnover rate would spend $1 million a year on recruitment alone. High turnover also makes it difficult for fleets to operate efficiently, maximize utilization of tractors and trailers and meet customers’ service expectations.”

Higher pay and better routes easily sway experienced truckers, even if those improvements are small. How can you increase loyalty in your truck drivers without breaking your bank? Keep the trucks clean!

Anyone working in an office expects a cleaning crew to come through and clean the bathrooms, empty wastebaskets, vacuum, etc. Your drivers work in trucks, not an office, yet they deserve the same services. By cleaning the outside and inside of your fleet regularly, you offer an edge over the competition looking to woo you trained workers.

Using a mobile wash company makes the most sense since making your truck drivers get their truck washed means more time on their clock and more hassle for them. You don’t want to give them more reasons to leave.

Steamaway Mobile Power Wash comes to your fleet and cleans every truck the way you want it done. Your truckers will feel good about driving them on the highway and have more reason to remain in your employ.

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