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How to Cut Fleet Washing Costs Without Cutting Corners

Car washing in progress

Many businesses look for ways to cut fleet washing costs without cutting corners. It’s one way we can increase our bottom line. Sometimes, though, cutting corners means paying more later, wiping out what we initially saved and potentially increasing the costs. Cleaning your fleet is a perfect example of how paying less can lead to paying more in the end.

Don’t Do It Yourself

Some companies assume that cleaning a truck is easy: you need water, a power washer, some soap and maybe some rags, right? If it were only that simple! Steamaway has been cleaning trucks for almost 30 years, and we know washing them should be left to the experts. We have the right tools to clean your fleet and we know how to use them without causing damage. You don’t want someone experimenting  on your trucks!

Besides washing the exterior of the truck and trailer, we can also wash out the trailer, brighten aluminum, steam clean upholstery and more. Some of the chemicals used to do our full work are considered hazardous. Steamaway’s employees receive a complete training on safety as well as washing, so you don’t need to hassle with training your own employees for occasional washing. Along with hazard chemicals, your employees will need to learn how to comply with EPA wastewater standards, a Pandora’s box of restrictions, certifications and trainings.

Lastly, you will need to put out serious cash to purchase all of the equipment to clean your trucks completely.

Hire Out the Work – to a Truck Wash Bay

Clearly the best way to keep costs and effort down is to hire someone else to clean your fleet. Plenty of companies offer cleaning at their site with a truck wash bay – a large building much like a car wash but for trucks. They handle the equipment, chemicals and wastewater. However, even if their prices look competitive, a wash bay costs your company time.

In order to clean your whole fleet, you need to schedule all of the trucks to drive to the wash bay location. Once they get there, drivers might have to wait in line to drive through. All this takes up time and fuel, keeping your trucks and drivers waiting rather than working. If the wash bay isn’t open twenty-four hours a day, your drivers might miss the window for a wash and the trucks never get clean.

Mobile Washing is Your Best, and Least Expensive, Option

Mobile washing your truck fleet removes all of the problems that eventually cost you money: equipment, training, fuel and time. Let Steamaway come to you! Our staff is trained, we have the correct equipment for the job and we work when your fleet is idle.

Middle of the day or middle of the night, we are available. We wash inside and out, and can add detailing if needed. We are industry experts in wastewater management, helping set the standard for the City of Forth Worth when the new EPA rules were first enforced.

We do the job correctly the first time so you don’t need to have it done over. Call us at (817) 625-6443 or send us a message through for a quote. We look forward to cleaning your fleet!